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Silver 2021 Book / Fine Art

Fieldwork and Other Landscape Stories

  • Photographer
    Monica Takvam
  • Prize
    Silver in Book / Fine Art

Fieldwork and Other Landscape Stories is an exhibition of photography and sound, exploring language, our perception of nature and the landscape. The project examines what we can and cannot see. It invites questions about how we use our senses, how we imagine and how memory and language plays a large role in perceiving our surroundings. Made as part of the year-long artist residency at Watts Gallery - Artists' Village, the project was shown in the solo exhibition 'Fieldwork and Other Landscape Stories' at Watts Contemporary Gallery, Oct 2017.

Monica Takvam is an internationally published and award winning photographer and multidiciplinary artist. Her work is often concerned with how we see, she uses photography, video, sound, text, illustration, tactile materials and installations to explore subjects around perception, blindness, identity, nostalgia, time and language. Through research, collaboration and fieldwork, Monica often develops work based on outcomes and findings from these interactions and collaborations.