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Silver 2021 Architecture / Interiors

La Cité Perdue

  • Photographer
    Anthony & Florent Galasso
  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture / Interiors

Abandonment and splendor. Here is an antithesis that fits perfectly into the paradox of the aestheticism of the ruin. The traveler often finds that the dialogue he wants to establish between the ruin and the past is interrupted. Where does the artistic value of the ruin come from? According to Auguste Perret in "Le Musée Moderne", if the structure is not worthy of remaining visible, the architect has not fulfilled his mission. Architecture is what makes beautiful ruins. According to John Ruskin, on the other hand, ruin must be conceived as a physiological phase in the life of a monument.

We are Anthony and Florent GALASSO, two 23-year-old brothers from Burgundy, France. We are both Master’s students at a business school. Fascinated by travel, architecture and atypical places, it is quite natural that we succumb to the charm of forgotten structures. In an artistic approach, we capture a once sparkling heritage, a bygone era, while taking advantage of the historical teleportation offered by these places. Through our project called "Symphony of Decay" and our photographs, we try to bring the viewer in a parallel universe conducive to questioning and wonder.