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Bronze 2021 Portfolio / Fine Art


  • Photographer
    Chiara Povero
  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio / Fine Art

The bubbling ground is like the bubbling in the artist's mind, who tries to pop out ideas from her head. GURGLE represents the myself hungry for photography that tries to show the world my idea of Photographic Art: imagine and discover through pictures. Where I took the photos the same colors can be seen, but the perception may differ. The starting image is linked with the final image circularly, and this is the narrative key in the series. Creating a circular narrative I managed to build a visual circuit, that opens and closes, again and again, holding the eye into this infinite loop.

I believe that photography is the perfect medium to express my love for nature and art. I don't think of myself as an artist, but more as an observer. My goals are naturalist and conservation photography, therefore my approch to photography is quite scientific, but nature can surprise you in so many ways tha it is impossible to not see her like a huge painting. I hope my works can inspire through the atmospheres, the colors, the geometrys, the lights and shadows that I discover observing the nature.