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Silver 2021 Portfolio / Fine Art

In Search of My Curls

  • Photographer
    Aurélie Sorriaux
  • Prize
    Silver in Portfolio / Fine Art

The body of work is about the heritage and the question of ourselves. Research into what is passed on in the family, what remains from our origin and how to identify with it. Being the only one in my family to have curly hair, I started to question my identity. Nowadays, we are facing a universal question of our origin, searching for an answer about our roots. It raises the question of identity: what I am? I am my nationality or my DNA? I am what my ancestors were and thus, who were they?

Born in 1994, I am a visual artist from France, currently based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. After a Bachelor of Photography in France, I studied Fine Arts before graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography. The photographs are visual explorations through memory experience and the complex state of existence. I examine the question of ourselves and research how to link the lands to our ancestors. In my recent photo project titled 'In Search of my Curls', I examine what remains within the family and how to identify with it.