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Silver 2021 People / Culture

Young Lambs At Marneuli Livestock Market

  • Photographer
    Khatia Nikabadze
  • Agency / Studio
    Independent Photographer
  • Prize
    Silver in People / Culture

Marneuli is a city in the Kvemo Kartli region of southern Georgia, the administrative center of Marneuli Municipality, which borders Armenia and Azerbaijan. The majority of the population in Marneuli are Azerbaijanis. In the region, Azerbaijanis are mainly engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding. Every Sunday, early in the morning, an animal market is held in the fields and slopes a few kilometers from Marneuli, selling horses, sheep and cows. This day I was at the animal market for the first time. It was a cold, rainy, cloudy weather in February.

Khatia Nikabadze is a documentary photographer and filmmaker based in Georgia. Her bachelor's degree is in Philosophy and a master's degree in Educational Psychology. For the last few years, she has been living and working in remote villages of Georgia, mostly in small communities that enable her to film and document relatively undiscovered features of their daily life.