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Bronze 2021 People / Portrait

Am I Not Scared Anymore?

  • Photographer
    Sergei Stroitelev
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Bronze in People / Portrait

About 55 thousand cases of breast cancer are identified in Russia every year. In the project "Am I not scared anymore?" brave women who have undergone mastectomy pose for a portrait in a way they feel comfortable. The diagnosis and following post-surgery processes transformed their personality - they changed their attitude towards themselves, their femininity and priorities. Naked woman's body with scars is a taboo in Russia, whereas mastectomy is considered something shameful. The present project is to fight with the taboo, beauty cliches and stereotypical perception of a woman's body.

I am a freelance photographer and visual artist based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia working with National Geographic Russia, VICE UK/USA, De Volkskrant, Takie Dela, others. My photographic practice primarily focuses on the exploration of the issues of modern society. With the help of different visual languages and forms I look at problems of identity of minorities, gender, health and racial prejudice, ecology and consumerism. I often execute very personal photographic projects exploring my very own inner demons, past and family.