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Gold 2021 Nature / Panoramic

Summer Full Milky Way Panorama

  • Photographer
    Zixiong Jin
  • Agency / Studio
    Chris King Photography
  • Prize
    Gold in Nature / Panoramic

I have been shooting deep-sky images for a whole year, and I would like to work on some wide-field images that show the authentic scene of our galaxy. This image is taken with an equatorial mount and an Astro-modified camera. I spent a week at a dark site in West Texas collecting data. Stitched with four panels of Milky Way, each panel has 5 hours of data collected. 300 Images stacked in total with software named pixinsight and ptgui. Further details were processed by pixinsight and photoshop.

New York-based Chris King left five years of business study to pursue a career in photography and filmmaking. He takes a comprehensive approach to his practice that he finds more fulfilling artistically, working in a range of genres that includes landscape, portraiture, and still life, and is experienced in such technical fields as aerial and architectural photography. His photographs have garnered him numerous international awards, with particular recognition given to his astrophotography.