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Bronze 2021 Nature / Aerial

Above It All - Aerial Observations

  • Photographer
    Alex Ferrone
  • Agency / Studio
    Alex Ferrone Gallery
  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature / Aerial

Photographing from a helicopter at varying altitudes and utilizing seasonally changing sunlight and weather, I have captured natural abstractions from the landscape below of differing colors, tones, textures, and dimension. Excluding representational elements leaves viewers little reference to reality, excites their imagination, and challenges their perception of light, shape and form. Not digitally designed, my images disconnect viewers from present technology to become engaged in contemplating the tranquility of nature, and find a new appreciation for our fragile ecological systems.

A female aerial photographer based in New York, Alex Ferroneā€™s works have been published widely including in Wine Spectator, Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal; highlighted in numerous online magazines; and featured on TV. Ms. Ferrone has exhibited her fine art photographs in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums nationally in the United States; and internationally in Italy and Spain. Accolades include various international awards, and her works are held in private collections in the United States, Italy and France.