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Gold 2021 Nature / Underwater


  • Prize
    Gold in Nature / Underwater
  • Photographer
    Erika Miura

In the winter, humpback whales come to Japan to raise their young. It is said that while in Japan, the whales do not eat, but concentrate on raising their young and mating. It is not easy to swim with the whales and it took me many days to get the chance. This whale calf was very curious and energetic as it swam around, while the mother whale gently cuddled and watched.

Erika Miura is a freelance underwater photographer working in Okinawa, Japan. She originally worked for a Japanese TV station producing TV programs, but her yearning for the ocean grew so great that she started working as an instructor at a diving store. She studied underwater photography while working for three years, and then started her own business as an underwater photographer.