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Bronze 2021 Nature / Landscapes

A Cub In Town

  • Photographer
    Virgil Reglioni
  • Agency / Studio
    Virgil Reglioni Photography
  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature / Landscapes

Located in some of the most remote areas of the archipelago of Svalbard, Alkefjellet is a powerful place that hosts some of the biggest colonies of birds in the Arctic. This cliffside is kilometers long and the birds are inhabiting it as if it was a huge city. It almost feels like they all have different wealth, living in the richest parts of the cliffs for some, and in the poorest neighborhoods for others. Rare are the captures of a young polar bear cub looking for a bird snack at the bottom of these cliffs. This little healthy and fluffy girl definitely made that shot unique and special.

Virgil is from a small French town between Lyon and the Swiss border. From an early age, he always had a set of creative skills. Virgil concentrates mainly on Arctic Landscape and Night Photography. It allows him to express his inner self and invite others to share in the spectacular and unyielding power of mother nature. Virgil is self-taught and believes in self-guided learning along with mutual knowledge sharing. His unending passion for photography and the outdoors pushes him to improve constantly, making photography part of his everyday life.