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Bronze 2021 Fine Art / Special Effects

Secret Garden

  • Photographer
    Frank Fenqiang Liu
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Special Effects

The oak tree in this photo with its beautiful hanging moss was cut down later due to its unhealthy condition. I was so happy to have captured the great egret and the old tree before it was removed! The oak branches and hanging moss framed the egret while I waited for it to take off. Finally, my patience was rewarded, and I was able to capture an exquisite moment. During post-processing, I selected the sky and make it darker. Then I painted the light using the soft brush tool to create a more mysterious and artistic impression. The contrast also highlighted the elegance and beauty of the great.

Fenqiang Liu is a fine art nature photographer based in Orlando, Florida. His work captures breathtaking moments of natural beauty and transforms them into captivating art pieces. With an education and experience in drawing, Chinese literature, cinema, and photography, Liu utilizes his unique blend of cultural influences from both the East and West, along with his artistic background and mastery of photography, to express his thoughts and emotions in a distinct and meaningful way. He has achieved resounding success in photography and earned numerous prestigious international photo awards.