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Silver 2021 Fine Art / Portrait

Daylight 2021

  • Photographer
    Susanne Middelberg
  • Agency / Studio
    Fotografie Susanne Middelberg
  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art / Portrait

In my portraits I am looking for honesty and vulnerability. I believe that vulnerability makes us nicer human beings and that this makes the world a little more friendly and more understanding. People who show themselves vulnerable give the other the confidence that they themselves may be who they are. I am most fascinated when I can see opposite qualities of a person at the same moment. I find this exciting because people are complex. I hope that the portrait touches something of the viewer himself. In this series, I chose to use only daylight to make the image as natural as possible.

After completing a modern dance education at the Higher school for Arts in Arnhem, she graduated in 1998 from the Academy for Visual Arts, from the photography department. Since then she has worked as a freelance photographer making independent work and by order of magazines and theater dance posters. Susanne specializes in portrait and theater- dance photography.