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Silver 2021 Editorial / Photo Essay

Closed Workspaces: Facing The Unknown

  • Photographer
    Maryna Syrovatka
  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / Photo Essay

In the series I am exploring how the pandemics, massive lockdowns and, ultimately, an extensive ban on work affected business and professions in Slovakia. My subjects are business owners, actors, performers, managers, bartenders and many more, who closed their workspaces ‘till further notice’. The force-majeure circumstances wiped out the life plans and stereotypes within just few days. I meet my subjects before they undertake any steps. Places, where the life thrived before, are now too quiet. The diary is void. The obscurity is overwhelming. A call for decision is urging but disabled.

Maryna Syrovatka is a Ukrainian lens based artist currently living in Slovakia. In her stories, she explores personal transformations in the life-changing situations or under circumstances beyond one’s control. Her diverse educational and career background inevitably influences her choice of topics and approach to their development.