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Silver 2021 Editorial / General News

The Fall of Oasis: Covid Spreads and Kills

  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / General News
  • Company
    Zuma Press
  • Photographer
    Daniel Shou Yi Ceng

Taiwan, an oasis that had kept the virus at bay for more than a year, has fallen into semi lockdowns following a major outbreak in May, which has claimed over 800 lives and infected over 10 thousand people. The island was overwhelmed by a shortage of wards and an inadequate, unstable vaccines supply, with medial workers doing testings for citizens, chemical troops in PPE disinfecting contaminated areas, vehicles and facilities, and the people wearing masks and getting vaccinated against Covid. Everybody allocates their efforts in saving the island.

Daniel Shou Yi Ceng, 22, is an emerging photojournalist who has been shooting for 2 years since late 2019. He is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan, as a photojournalist for some international news agencies. His works have been published on many international news agencies including the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Time, The Time, The Telegraph and so on. He has developed strong interests in and great sense for news around politics, protests, social issues and other kind of unrests.