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Bronze 2021 Book / People

I Am Alive. How Children Survived A Century of Wars.

  • Photographer
    Dominic Nahr
  • Agency / Studio
    Save The Children Germany
  • Prize
    Bronze in Book / People

“I Am Alive” can mean I have survived. I live well. Or I live with my terrible memories. All of these meanings can be found in this photobook. In an almost cinematic matter it chronicles the life of 11 people who lived through some of the past century´s most devastating conflicts as a child. From WWI to the Syrian War, photographer Dominic Nahr captures the hope, trauma, strength and kindness of the protagonists through a diverse photographic narrative. In this way, Save the Children presents a book about children in war that puts resilience and joy de vivre at the center.

Martina Dase is the Director of Media and Strategic Communications for Save the Children Germany, spearheading strategic innovation. With a professional background in TV journalism and filmmaking, Martina offers a unique combination of strategic foresight and creativity. She is known for creating and producing compelling flagship projects and campaigns such as the centenary project „I Am Alive“ – a unique project and photo book by Save the Children and Swiss photographer Dominic Nahr about 11 people who survived war as a child over the past 100 years.