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Gold 2021 Advertising / Fashion

Tuxedo Circle | La Storia

  • Photographer
    Amyn Nasser
  • Agency / Studio
    Amyn Nasser Studio | Neptune
  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising / Fashion

A Metallic Fashion Story with a Contemporary Style in an Erotica Thematic undertone. Editorial Fashion: TUXEDO CIRCLE | La Storia Models Kaitlyn Rightmyer, Kristina Tsvetkova, Riley Hillyer. Makeup and Hair Stacy Bisel. Stylist Melissa Laskin. Photographed in Palm Springs California. Published in Prestige International. Concept, Art Direction, Cinematic Color Tonality, Copyright Amyn Nasser Photographer. All Rights Reserved.

HTTPS://WWW.NASSER.STUDIO • Photographer, Director Amyn Nasser (Mx) is critically acclaimed in International Fashion, Nude, Erotica, and Architecture. Over 39 years traveling the World photographing Celebrities, Supermodels, People and other prominent Figures, and National Landmark Architecture Landscapes for Editorial Fashion Stories, Covers and Features, and prominent Advertising and Campaigns in parts of Europe, The Mediterranean, Africa, Canada, United States and other Island Countries. My work has exhibited at The Smithsonian Castle in Washington, D.C., Sotheby's Chicago & New York