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Bronze 2020 People / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Avarino Caracò
  • Prize
    Bronze in People / Portrait

Gabriel is a young Transgender from Palermo. I met him in one of the most important moments of his and my life. I was inPalermo for a project I'm working on about gender identities, I managed to get his phone number and by contacting him I discovered that he had just had a mastectomy, a fundamental part of his physical transition path. Entering his home and being able to attend a day of his convalescence was a very big gift. Caterina, his wonderful mother, chose to be part of the project also with irony, offering her colorful bra to represent the ironic part of this very painful but equally be

My Love for Photography comes from an anthropological background that has led me to observe every aspect of the cultural expressions. The leitmotif of each of my projects has an identity basis, whether it is collective or individual expressions, through travel or personal experiences, conceptual representations or close portraits. The commitment in my projects is mainly to establish a relationship with a social context, through the technique of participating observation