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Gold 2020 Science / Environment

Athabasca Glacier Last Splendour

  • Photographer
    Clara Gamito
  • Prize
    Gold in Science / Environment

The Athabasca Glacier is one of so many glaciers in our planet in great danger due to the climate change; The ice-cave in these photos, in the border of the glacier, collapsed a few weeks after I visited it and the place where it was it is not glacier anymore. During the de-icing, the liquid water streams under the glacier digs the ice, and sometimes shapes open holes and caves that are accessible. Getting inside an ice cave it is like time travelling, having the chance to witness the ancient ice formed thousands of years ago, and its tragic end.

Clara Gamito is a landscape photographer from Portugal. Born in Alentejo region, she holds a master degree in chemical engineering and has worked in petrochemical industry both in Spain and Portugal. In 2010 Clara had the opportunity of start developing her great passion for photography, when she bought her first reflex camera. Since then she has never stopped learning and travelling, aiming to capture her vision of the world and its beauty. Using photography as a motivation to travel and travelling as a motivation to photograph, she can enjoy her two main passions in perfect harmony.