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Bronze 2020 Fine Art / Still Life


  • Photographer
    Gabriel Cava
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Still Life

The physical space in which we live shapes our lives in many ways, both because it provides shelter and for its capacity to contain our belongings, which can be not only utilitarian but also objects that we keep for their emotional value. By my own decision I live and work in a very small space. There I keep what I need but also what I don’t. In this work I reflect on my interests, desires and personal fears using that small space as the theatre of my life, building signs of my deepest concerns by using all kind of objects I keep even if can't remember why.

In my photographic work I explore the intimate relationships between the materiality of my outer world and the perception of it as projections of my internal emotional world in an attempt to reveal my identity, which would otherwise remain hidden. I am especially interested in the use of photography not only as a way of unidirectional expression but as a tool for exploring the relationship between the photographer and the subject, part of what we know as the photographic act over which we have an unreal sense of control.