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Bronze 2020 Book / People

Life and Death - Mexican Rhapsody

  • Photographer
    Giuseppe Cardoni

Praying seems to be the least worry in Mexico, where the mourning is exhibited with sounds, costumes, music, dances and colors, but also with disturbing masks and presences, making the fear and the restlessness almost familiar and friendly. Sacred and profane touch each other, just like life and death, until they become one. There are those who light candles, those who spend the whole night on the tombs eating, talking, playing, dressing up, parading in processions with carnival masks.

Lives in Umbria,Italy. Engineer. His main interest has been B/W reportage. He coauthored, with the RAI journalist Luca Cardinalini, the book “STTL La terra ti sia lieve”. With Luigi Loretoni, he published in 2008 the photographic book “Miserere”, in 2011 “Gubbio, I Ceri” and in 2014 “Kovilj”; he is coauthor of the book “I colori del Jazz”. Also in 2014 he has published the photobook, "Boxing Notes". In 2020, he published “Vita e Morte - Rapsodia Messicana” and in 2021 "Passione per lo Sport". He has been awarded or has been a finalist in many national and international competitions.