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Bronze 2020 Book / Documentary

The Speed of My Life

  • Photographer
    Bissera Videnova - Bissaturation
  • Prize
    Bronze in Book / Documentary

This series of photos is inspired by one of my poems with the same title about early emotional loss. To my parents who had left me so early I couldn’t see them clearly Some day, evening or all of a sudden you will meet me at the end of the tunnel (as the ones returning from there had told). And then you’ll ask me if I’m sure I’ve been happy? I will say, no, you can’t talk there, but I would feel the hesitating “yes”, I will still remember the pain as a sin which I didn’t succeed to overlive. And because I will speak fast (actually, I couldn’t talk, I’ll think....

Bissera is a Bulgarian born contemporary photographer, poet, writer, and editor in her native tongue. She became interested in photography at a very young age when she had already participated in movie and television productions and wanted to be in front of and behind the cameras at the same time. Bissera seeks the real personal story and not the person as a role model. As a poet, she needs wordless images that contain apparent emotionality.