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Bronze 2020 Architecture / Interiors


  • Photographer
    Damaso Avila
  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture / Interiors

This series of six photos was taken in the castle of Salzburg (Auzstria) in June 2019. The encounters between the columns and the thick walls of the Castle were really worth photographing. The fundamental thing was the utility and not the aesthetics. I wanted to reflect the beauty of these architectural details, highlighting their colors and light

I am a photographer based in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain). I specially like taking pictures of architecture and portraits. I started taking photographs in 2004, and during the past years I have dedicated myself to perfecting my training in Photography and treatment of images with Photoshop. I have made several individual exhibitions, basically of architectural elements, portraits and travel photography. I have traveled taking photos throughout most of the European continent. Last year I made a trip to Cambodia where I was able to develop a project to photograph its smiling inhabitants.