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Silver 2020 Portfolio / Fine Art

Pop Isolation

  • Company
    Espacio Disparos
  • Photographer
    Andrea Guedella

During quarantine I stay at home far from my studio, only with one of my cameras, a tripod and my own. So I embody portraits that reflect the quarantined feeling in my all sense. Workload, pain, anxiety, anguish, beauty, desire for social contact or the mere getting ready for what is coming next. Portraits that are focused on everyday life, humor and gender. This subject has always been present in my works despite the quarantine. I want my work to flow freely amid social distancing and be very close to the feeling that is universal nowadays. “I must create in order to believe.”

ANDREA GUEDELLA I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I´m a freelance photographer, and work in Communication. I studied Graphic Design in the Escuela Panamericana de Arte and Advertising and Social Communication in the Universidad de Salvador. I was part of the creative world in advertising through many years, until I decided to deeply explore the use of photography. I took part of workshops given by renown local and international artists. I still do that, as part of a process of learning. I started showing my work since 2014. I'm creative director in my own studio.