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Bronze 2020 Portfolio / Advertising

Where Is…?

  • Photographer
    Ha Li

This series of photography consists of 5 photos."Where Is…?" is the title of this series. The view or read order is:1_Where Is Our Umbrella For Bird Flu?2_Where Is the Vaccine For Coronavirus?3_Where Is Our Day For Travelling?4_Where Is My Face For Being Pure?5_Where Is My Light For Liberty?

Li Ha (Chopovinci)Hong Kong diverse arts creator, international-award-winning photographer, international photography competition judge, designer, spiritual literature writer, international-award-winning poet & scholar.Recipient of Sir Edward Youde Memorial Prize, Permanent Member of the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education & Hong Kong Outstanding Citizen.Pseudonym 'Chopovinci' is often used when composing diverse arts. Artistic compositions can be found in different newspapers, magazines, literary albums, teaching material series and video websites.