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Silver 2020 People / Children

Growing Up In India´s Coal Belt

  • Photographer
    Costa Corbas
  • Agency / Studio
    Costa Corbas
  • Prize
    Silver in People / Children

The coal fields in Jharia at the heart of India's coal belt have been burning for more than 100 years. Villages perched on the edge of the pits still house people, threatening to collapse from one day to the next. Open pit mining is expanding in the region having a profound impact on the environment and the people who live here. Every morning before sunrise the coal fields and disused mines come alive with scavengers who pilfer coal to sell on the black market in order to make a meagre living. For the new generation growing up here, will this be the only way of life too?

Costa Corbas is a British photographer living in Barcelona, Spain. After graduating in Chemistry from King's College in London, he worked as an executive in international businesses. During this time he became interested in photography and in developing economies and turned his attention to documenting the impact of economic growth on peoples lives.