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Silver 2020 People / Culture

Seto Generation

  • Photographer
    Daniela Silvestri
  • Agency / Studio
    Wsp Photography
  • Prize
    Silver in People / Culture

In the far southeast of Estonia, we meet the politically unrecognized region of Setomaa, self-proclaimed by the Setos, his native people. Today more than ever, the Setos feel the need to preserve - especially for future generations - an identity that, over the centuries, has seen borders move like pieces of a puzzle, still unsolved today. The element that most distinguishes the Setos is a strongly identity culture linked to ancient traditions and indigenous customs. Hence the festive occasions become fundamental to defend their future and their uniqueness, above all trying to involve youngers.

Photographer born in Rome, founder of WSP Photography association. I have made several reports in Italy and abroad, with particular attention to Eastern Europe, focusing on culture and folklore issues. I have several publications in national magazines and web magazines and photographic exhibitions.