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Bronze 2020 Nature / Wildlife

Alpha Male Coming Through

  • Photographer
    Sean Sharp
  • Agency / Studio
    Sharp Wildlife Photography
  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature / Wildlife

Emerging from the rear of the herd, this giant alpha male bison stood head and shoulders above the rest. Not fearful of me laying on the ground ahead, he confidently started marching in my direction as to say to the rest "let's go this way". Luckily for me, the snow began to blow over the ground for a great photographic effect before I jumped up to give this large bull bison the space and respect he deserves.

“Being able to share so many wonderful wildlife moments with clients and friends alike is something I cherish. I live and breathe wildlife photography. The experiences I am fortunate enough to be part of continue to call me to help fellow animal lovers to discover what's out there: the joy and awe of wildlife living wild and free in their natural habitat." - Sean Sharp Sean is an award-winning wildlife photographer in pursuit to help photographers, and animal-lovers alike, to grow their own portfolio and to safely experience the beauty of wildlife around the globe.