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Gold 2020 Nature / Wildlife

Light and Shades

  • Photographer
    Bence Mate
  • Agency / Studio
    Bence Mate's Photography
  • Prize
    Gold in Nature / Wildlife

Particles in the air like dust, warm breath on a cool day or drizzle usually go unnoticed. However, in the right light, for example a beam of sunlight, we realize how dusty our environment is. To capture this effect, the camera must be facing the light with the subject positioned in such a way that both the camera and background are in shadow. This phenomenon can add magic to even the simplest subject matter.

Wildlife photographer, born in Hungary, 1985. In 2010 he won the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photography of the Year award in London. He is the most effective photographer in the 53-year-old history of the competition, being the only contestant winning the first prize in both the young and adult categories.