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Gold 2020 Nature / Underwater

Giant of The Sea

  • Photographer
    Földi László
  • Prize
    Gold in Nature / Underwater

The whale shark in the picture is just floating beneath the boats on the surface. This is the largest fish on earth with a size of up to more than 10 meters. It is a peaceful and impressive inhabitant of our planet. Many details had to be taken into account when making the picture, due to the proper composition. The picture was taken at one of the diving points in the Philippines.

Im a underwater photographer. I have started the photography for 10 years. I like to use both wide angel, and macro lens as well. Im a diving instructor with 1000 + dives. Traveling, and diving a lot for the best pictures around the world in different seas. It is my hobby, and my passion as well. Show the people the beauty of this underwater world, and highlight the importance of the sea for us humans. We should protect our planet, and save it for the future.