Hungary flag
Silver 2020 Fine Art / Other

Performance, A Silent Story Told, A Statement

  • Photographer
    Aljohara Jeje
  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art / Other

Performances are with physical movements but also with spoken words, sounds, noise, this in stark contrast with the contemplative silence of a photograph: Visualising this tension. Silenced once: In general, we women are educated, we learn not to speak our minds Silenced twice: For people with vaginas, orgasms commonly come from the clitoris. Female Genital Mutilation: the most severe — infibulation — is the removal of the clitoris. Words are like pearls Pearls, as pure and innocent symbolising the clitoris Triptychs, the centre locked in between two worlds, one mirroring the other

What is art without a message? As long as I can remember I have been a woman and artist. Enraptured by techniques, I graduated in Product Design (The Netherlands), after, Art-Photography (Belgium), in between propaedeutic in Art History (Amsterdam), and later in life, I took courses in medieval painting techniques (in China and in Portugal). Enjoying Saudi Arabia’s vibrant society so much and convinced that The Kingdom has all the elements to become the next artist's hub on par with Berlin and the like, I choose to live and work in Jeddah.