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Silver 2020 Fine Art / Still Life

Les Poires D'Ingres

  • Photographer
    Antonio Ros
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art / Still Life

Decana, Abate, William, Kaiser. They are the names of the Pears of Ingres; "Les Poires d'Ingres" are the members (sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers) of one of the DADA families; the DADA Families are a photographic series still in the making which, as the word play Dada suggests, lends itself to multiple interpretations and misunderstandings Pears are reminiscent of a female bust - here is the reference to Ingres and Man Ray - and even the core can dreamily have an erotic reference. Dada has given a structuralist vision to Art because it probes the misunderstanding of languages and words.

I completed humanities studies and at the age of 16 I approached photography. In 1986 I graduated in Architecture in Venice. During my university years I was a student of Italo Zannier. After 1995 I started teaching History of Art in high schools. Since 2005 I have also started working as a photojournalist, registered with the Order of Journalists. Currently, I collaborate as a photojournalist with press agencies and with some national newspapers, for news and sports reports. Personal research explores the genres of landscape, portrait, nude and still-life, in analogic film and darkroom print.