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Gold 2020 Fine Art / Nudes


  • Photographer
    Rodrigo Chapa
  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art / Nudes

The series Ausentes originates as a crossing of interests that allows me to build a visual trap.These forms are usually used as visual seduction, but, by placing a nude as an accent, one that opposes the tradition of the museum where women are passive and consumable, a body that hides, protects and blocks, proposes a language that uses abstraction as a means for expression.

Rodrigo Chapa (Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. 1987) currently lives and works in Mexico City. He graduated from a masters in professional photography with studio specialty in the international photographic school, Spéos, Paris (2012-2013). He was awarded the Jóvenes Creadores grant by FONCA with his project Memorias (2016-2017). His work is inspired by the phenomenology of color, producing scenarios to explore the limits of its psychological and spiritual implications. In his artistic practice, he mainly explores the medium of photography, relying on the pictorial tradition as an environmental