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Silver 2020 Editorial / Political

Vote For Democracy, Vote For The Future

  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / Political
  • Company
    Dennis & Pasm
  • Photographer
    Dennis Chang

Due to a threat from a big country just nearby us, people in Taiwan in a dilemma. We have to decide what to follow in the next four years. The worst nightmare would be losing freedom of speech. So we were standing out to defend it. Every single citizen holds their ID card and personal signet in hand to cast a ballot for who can protect the value of democracy. It's absolute torture waiting for the result of the vote. Success is not easy to come by, and we should treasure it. We can change it by our personal stamp and ID card for vote.

DENNIS CHANG, a Taiwanese professional photographer who is good at telling stories with photos, like wedding, portrait and commercial photography with his unique vision.