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Silver 2020 Editorial / sports

We Worship The Body

  • Photographer
    Giuliano Berti
  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / sports

Kushti is a traditional form of wrestling developed in Northern India in the 16th century. Wrestlers gather in a gym and face each other in a pit filled with clay mixed with salt, lemon and ghee. Before each match, athletes (pehlwans) pray to Lord Hanuman, Hindu god of strength and patron of all fighters. The strict practice of kushti is believed to drive young men towards a more positive and healthy lifestyle. More than just a sport, it’s a cultural heritage which embodies masculinity and represents, for some at least, a pathway out of poverty. Castes and differences are left at the door.

Giuliano Berti is a reportage and documentary photographer based in Turin, Italy. His work explores the interaction between people and their environment. As a former biomedical engineer and athlete, he's passionate about the human body and its unlimited possibilities. Currently focusing on sport reportage, he is keen on working on social and environmental issues.