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Bronze 2020 Editorial / Environmental

Garbage In The Cloud

  • Photographer
    Piotr Zwarycz
  • Agency / Studio
    Obiektiv Piotr Zwarycz
  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial / Environmental

Thick smoke, countless toxic substances that more human casualties than the flames themselves - deadly clouds that arise from fires at sorting plants, landfills and vehicle recycling points.

Piotr Zwarycz - officer of the State Fire Service with 18 years of experience, altitude rescuer, cave climber, scuba diver, skydiver, motorboat, photographer, documentary filmmaker. Winner and finalist of competitions, among others Grand Press Photo, Silesian Press Photography, Amundsen Photo Award, National Geographic Grand Photo Contest, Chromatic Awards, ND Photographer of The Year 2019. Author of many photo albums and documentary projects in Poland and abroad, including the mission of Polish firefighters in Sweden.