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Bronze 2020 Editorial / General News

Italy Coronavirus Lockdown

  • Photographer
    Emiliano Pinnizzotto
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial / General News

Two days after imposing the restrictive measures on a quarter of the country, Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte on live television put his entire country on lockdown, ordering to all 60 million Italians to stay home. Mom Francesca and daughter Gaia follow the news on tv

Emiliano Pinnizzotto was born in Rome in 1983, displayed at an early age an inclination towards and a great feeling for the image and the audio visual arts, fascinated as he was with photography, cinema and music. At the age of sixteen he directed his passion for photography towards social reportage. In this way he gradually developed a style of his own, characterized above all by photographic storytelling and portraiture in a social vein, making use exclusively of the natural light available .He is a member of the National Order Of Journalists.