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Silver 2020 Editorial / Photo Essay

The Long Way of Hope - Indias Kumbh Mela

  • Photographer
    Joachim Bergauer
  • Agency / Studio
    Joachim Bergauer Photography
  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / Photo Essay

The Kumbh Mela in Prayagraj, India, is a popular travel destination for Hindus. The hope for a better life after this life keeps many people alive, who have hardly the most necessary things to live. It is this strong belief that leads millions to the largest festival in history: the Hindu festival of faith "Kumbh Mela", which was declared by UNESCO as "intangible cultural heritage of mankind". Around 120 million people took the long way to take a bath in the holy Ganges River. - Hoping to free yourself from the vicious cycle of rebirth. For many it was the longest journey of their life.

The master-class photographer Joachim Bergauer was born on 12.07.1965 in Schwarzach (Salzburg). The entrance to the advertising industry was the result of the photography in his adolescence. The artist also gained journalistic experience while working at the austrian boulevard during his long lasting function as a press photographer. In the 1990’s, Joachim Bergauer founded his establishment with two assistents. He’s specialised to image-, advertising-, report- and art-photography. Ever since, the salzburg citizen is commonly booked by various advertising agencies and magazines (New York Time