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Bronze 2020 Editorial / Conflict

Primera Línea

  • Photographer
    Ignacio Izquierdo Patiño
  • Agency / Studio
    Ignacio Izquierdo Patiño
  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial / Conflict

Since the social outbreak of 18 / O, the First Line has become a gravitating and recognizable actor. The government and various media accuse them of being responsible for the looting and vandalism that has destroyed the so-called ground zero; But many people recognize the protection they provide to the demonstrations against police action, which four human rights reports have condemned as brutal.

gnacio Izquierdo Patiño is a renowned photojournalist, whose professional hallmarks can be summed up in a solid theoretical background, proven experience at the local, national and international level, an inalienable commitment to reflecting reality, his great ability to adapt to any circumstance , and the strong social commitment that it imprints on many of the issues it addresses.