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Bronze 2020 Book / Fine Art

On Barely Nothing

  • Company
  • Photographer
    Jose Roberto Bassul

Architect and photographer, when photographing architecture my aim is to draw thoughts, project desires, build spaces for the imagination. On Barely Nothing addresses silence. Silence as a poetic expression, as a haven, as an answer to the overload of sounds and images in which we are drenched. Quietude as an instance of critical reflections on the world. In a circular path, the visual narrative begins in grayish tones, moves on to cooler colors, then follows on to warmer tones and finally returns to gray. It evokes the comings and goings of urban wanderings during which the images were made.

Architect and photographer, José Roberto Bassul was born in Rio de Janeiro and lives in Brasilia. His photography turns to architecture and cityscape. In the attempt to shift the concrete world of buildings to the senses’ intangible territory, he explores abstraction and geometry. He has received several awards and his works has often been exposed in festivals, galleries and museums. With two two published photobooks, he has works in important private collections, and in the public collections of the National Museum of the Republic in Brasilia and the Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro - MAR.