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Silver 2020 Architecture / Industrial

Bovisa Or Nowhere / 1000 Meters From Home

  • Photographer
    Marco Merati
  • Agency / Studio
    Marco Merati
  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture / Industrial

The photographic project "1000 meters from home" was born with the idea of ??crystallizing the landscape and urban transformations of a neighborhood through a photographic search of places and symbols that we consume daily, without however grasping their social essence and historical value. A visual narration in a dreamlike dialogue with the future. This project was born out of time: rediscovered, in the moment of global lockdown. We live fast, we don't have time to stop and look at what's around us. To observe what surrounds us.

Born in Milan. After completing his photography studies, he moved to London where he collaborated with a London photographic studio. Back in Italy, he starts working as an assistant in several photographic studios dealing with architecture photography. Passionate about architecture and urban landscapes, he begins to collaborate with architectural firms and construction companies and publishing in the main italians magazines Philosophy studies at university, Passionate traveler, photographer, lover of architecture and urban landscapes