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Silver 2020 Architecture / Interiors

Paradise Lost

  • Photographer
    Melanie Hübner
  • Agency / Studio
    Melanie Hübner
  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture / Interiors

In my eponymous work after the song of John Milton „Paradise Lost“, the human being as such is no longer visible. Only his traces remain. Human beings are not able to exercise control anymore, because they replace themselves with the technology they have created. People build a tendency to not meet anymore, so the question left is: is it technology that is supposed to be the “one“ to “restore us and regain the bliss ful seat“.

Melanie Hübner is an independent photo artist based in Berlin. She is still working with analogue techniques. The 37 years old artist realizes photo series with conceptual approaches. She combines social relevant topics with a high level of sustainability. The central role in her photographs plays the consideration of space. The focus of her photographs is to provide the viewer with new impulses and direct them into unseen topics of a everyday life of a society. Her photos has been presented at various photo competitions and exhibitions around the world.