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1st Place 2019 Science

Not Being Able to Live But One Life

  • Photographer
    Ana Rego
  • Prize
    1st Place in Science

Confronted with a traumatic event, after seeing my aunt get completely paralyzed and unable to communicate over an ischemic stroke – locked in syndrome, I started questioning the concept of life, and reflecting upon how our bodies and our consciousness take part in this intricate play. I decided to approach it through a poetic way, where the narrative is no longer attached to my own personal story, neither to my aunt as the main character. Instead, it addresses the duality of body-mind and questions how biomedical technology has evolved in the ability to diagnose, and replace body functions.

Graduated in Medical Sciences, studied Photography in Porto and is currently attending a master in Artistic Photography. Driven by research-led documentary projects, she seeks to document thematics inspired by social and medical issues. By using the interdisciplinary and collaborative approach of art and science, she seeks to respond with innovative ways to emerging ethical questions posed to today’s society. By creating narratives dealing with the potential risks and rewards inherent to biomedical development, she wants to exert an effect on how our society pledge with these consequences.