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1st Place 2019 Science

Light Forms

  • Photographer
    Elzbieta (Ela) Kurowska
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    1st Place in Science

In Light Forms I explore the transformation of inanimate organic matter into life using a combination of nature, science and art. I build small (3-5 cm in diameter) biomorphic compositions from soft, solidified, translucent organic gels, subject them to slow deformation and capture them in the cross-polarized light. Because of unique physical properties of the gels, the resulting images resemble otherworldly life forms full of light, vivid colors and rich texture.

I am a photographer and a biochemist. In my art I utilize my science background to explore and visualize overpowering forces that compel the natural world to develop life from the amorphous organic matter. I create my images by building small objects from soft, translucent, solidified organic gels which are naturally predisposed to form biomorphic shapes, and which have ability to glow when subjected to deformation and captured in the cross-polarized light. “Light Forms” images resemble otherworldly living organisms made of light, vivid colors and rich texture, emerging from the darkness.