Hungary flag
Gold 2019 Fine Art / Moving Images

As Time Bends Around

A subway train speeding forward, another train tearing in the opposite direction. A split second. Time frozen and yet rushing by. Illusion. Fleeting glimpses of others. Myriad private moments in the most public of places. A piece of summer sky. Subterranean and elevated stations all steel and grimy concrete. Impressions piled one on top of another. A lifetime. I use diptychs, motion and sound to capture the surreal sense, the cacophony of images, the shards of isolation, symbols of life and death.

Creating visual poetry to connect to others is always foremost in my work. I use images to create a narrative time in order to tell a story. For me the question is how to portray the complexity between our inner lives and external reality. Especially now when the scope of this pandemic lays bare all of our souls and fragilities.