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Silver 2019 Portfolio / Food


  • Photographer
    Roberto Scordino
  • Prize
    Silver in Portfolio / Food

Talking about food we often forget about one of the fundamental ingredients of most recipes, one of those ingredients that, if dosed badly, can influence more the result of the taste. In addition to adding sapidity to dishes, salt is also essential for life. Now we hardly notice it but anciently it was one of the fundamental products of trade. The Roman legionaries were paid with salt so much that the Italian word for wage is "salario" that derives from salt. These photos tell of the largest Italian salt mine in Racalmuto, sicily, from which about 70% of the food salt used in Italy derives.

My name’s Roberto Scordino and I’m a professional photographer born and based in Rome. I started to photograph only at the end of 2015 but I have worked for a long time with multimedia projects working with multinational institutions and brands and have been a VJ starting in 1999 back to the times of vhs. For years I have been interested in socio-anthropological research in the world of subcultures. In the last three years I studied photography, among others, with awards-winners photographers like Paolo Marchetti and I am graduated in the Masterclass held by Fausto Podavini and Giovanni Cocco.