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Bronze 2019 Portfolio / Fine Art


  • Photographer
    Astrid Jahnsen
  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio / Fine Art

I check the encyclopedias I used to study and the absence of women seems evident in both its content and its editing. Backdrop highlights this lack, re-photographing the woman who appears in the encyclopedia by chance, in the background, as someone who walked by unexpectedly at the time of the shoot, without the photographer’s intentional gaze, and without her knowing being looked at. The images that I take rescue her from that second plane and place her as the main character.

Information flexibility is the raw material of my work. The historical narrative is just a narrative and not reality, behind the discourses there is always a voice, a situation, an age, a gender and a time, that are personal truths and have the power to influence the life of society, shaping its customs, but the past can always be reinvented if we look at it in a different way. I want to change history.