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Bronze 2019 Nature / Underwater


  • Photographer
    Földi László
  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature / Underwater

I would have liked to take a picture of the turtle resting peacefully on the coral reef but a school of gigantic jackfish arrived unexpectedly. Suddenly I found myself in the midst of a huge whirlpool, along with the turtle. The unusually strong current which is characteristic of this submersion point, as well as the unfavorable sight range presented serious difficulty Sipadan island Malaysia.

Im a underwater photographer. I have started the photography for 10 years. I like to use both wide angel, and macro lens as well. Im a diving instructor with 1000 + dives. Traveling, and diving a lot for the best pictures around the world in different seas. It is my hobby, and my passion as well. Show the people the beauty of this underwater world, and highlight the importance of the sea for us humans. We should protect our planet, and save it for the future.