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Silver 2019 Fine Art / Other

Plastic Army

  • Photographer
    Dirk Krüll
  • Agency / Studio
    Panama Fotoproduktion
  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art / Other

Plastic Army: Invasion The "Plastic Army" series is trying to address the issue of plastic waste in a playful and aesthetic manner. The cycles are telling metaphorically and in linear order of the incursion of the natural enemies, the conquest of the landscape, the mutation of their inhabitants, the complete fusion to the dissolution of all natural elements. The aesthetic depiction of these artificial installations thus serves as allegories of the deepest unaesthetic and unpleasant facts of catastrophic environmental pollution, using the example of plastic waste!

born: 21.10.1958 in Düsseldorf work: in Düsseldorf and Mallorca photo-apprentice, 1978 Art Acadamy: HfbK -study 1994 University: graduation: Diplom-Designer on university Essen: "Folkwang" since 1988 freelance journalist and artist; honorary appoint in the "DGPH" in Köln (1994) member of the photo-agency "Laif" in Köln (1996) member in the "Pixelprojekt Ruhrgebiet" member in the art community „Verein der Düsseldorfer Künstler“ collection: - Ruhrmuseum Essen 2010 - Haus der deutschen Geschichte, Leipzig 2016 - Deutsche Fussballmuseum Dortmund 2018