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Gold 2019 Fine Art / Special Effects

Surveillance System

  • Photographer
    Deim Balazs
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art / Special Effects

Surveillance camera, with its invisible representatives of control in the background, has become the symbol of our new reality.With this project I try to challenge this reality and reveal a reverse one, where the observed people disappear from the surfaces of the photos and only the empty squares are left behind. I placed home-made camera obscuras at high points of busy public spaces in Budapest and I left them there for 4-12 weeks so that the cameras take pictures with long exposure time and the squares are shown empty.

Balázs Deim (born 1987) is a photographer based in Budapest and Szentendre. He studied applied photography at the Novus Art School Budapest (2007-2009) and completed a BA in Photography at the University of Kaposvár (2013). In his works he focuses on the relationship between people and the urban environment and he is interested in concepts such as absence, memory, control and space. Balázs has been regularly exhibiting his work since 2008.