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Bronze 2019 Fine Art / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Noga Shtainer
  • Agency / Studio
    Noga Shtainer
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Portrait

I look into the integration processes of twelve female migrants and their relationship to their past and present, exploring the hidden psychological landscapes between the migrants’ old and new identities. I contacted the participant’s family who still lived in their childhood home and visited them alone, photographing a wall within the home. I then made a 1:1 print of the wall photo and hung it in my studio. I then invited the participant to my studio and shot them in front of the photograph.My work explores transnational mobility and psychological issues and conflicts around migration.

Born: 1982, Israel, Lives and works in Berlin. Graduated in 2009 from the Department of Photography at Wizo Academy of Design and Education, Haifa, Israel. Completed in 2015 the master’s program at the Ostkreuzschule fu?r Fotografie, Berlin, Germany. In her work she constantly investigates personality, social and imaginary themes inspired by different people she has encountered and know, among them some of her family members.Her photographs deal with childhood and family.She is represented by the Hezi Cohen Gallery in Tel Aviv, and the Podbielski Contemporary Gallery in Milan.